No one has money

No One Has Any Money

Seriously, do you? Right. See what I mean? The gig economy, while undeniably hip, isn’t digging millennials or gen-z-ers out of tens of thousands in student loan debt. Which explains why half of older Americans have dipped into retirement savings to help their grown children. Did you say retirement? Who can retire? Boomers’ median savings is $150,000 […]


Of Guilt and Cleaning Ladies

A Horrible Utterance Heard Recently on the Upper East Side: “I absolutely must have the floor cleaner by tomorrow. That’s when my cleaning lady comes. Yes, I’ll pay the ten-dollar delivery charge.” A Horrible-Utterance Analysis, in Ascending Order of Horror: The utterance occurred at the tony and over-priced Gracious Homes, or, in common parlance, Gracious […]