With the markets plunging, and financial panic spreading, things can sure start feeling like 2008. Many experts say the current downturn is not just about the Corona pandemic. Something weird is happening with debt and liquidity making the markets go haywire, a la 2008. In an ironic coincidence, this week is the anniversary of The Big Short, Michael Lewis’ blockbuster book-turned-movie, which came out 10 years ago. It told the *real* story of the 2008 crash: How a small group of little known and brilliant Wall Street insiders invented a short strategy that triggered a global economic meltdown.

So it seems like the perfect time for a Big Short roundup: A list of titles – both classics and new – about economic crises, who survives, who gets sucked under, and what might cause – or be causing right now – the next financial crash. More

I’ve decided to document this first-in-a-century event as the Corona pandemic arrives in New York. More

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