My mom was a world-famous model. It took me decades to finally feel beautiful

April 13, 2016

The comparisons began in my baby carriage. Confronted by my big brown eyes peeking out from under a bonnet, people turned to Mom and said, “She looks just like you!”




Like mother, like daughter! Woman, 49, recreates her model mom’s ’50s cover shoots.

April 15, 2016

Patsy also recreated her cover of one of Vogue’s wedding issues as an octogenarian.



The Complete Software Project Manager. Mastering Technology from Planning to Launch and Beyond.

Wiley, January, 2016.

Amazon 5-Star Reviews: “This is a more than a software project book. Ms. Murray has clearly “been there – done that” a few (hundred) times! Every chapter is filled with meaningful and immediately actionable advice that you could easily apply to any project, not just software. This is a valuable business book written in language that all can understand, incorporating wit, humor, and wisdom that can only come from a season professional. Highly recommended!”




I Am Thannasis

Essay, Winter 2105.

“I squint for the headlights of the Madison Avenue bus. Frigid water seeps through a vulnerability in my boots. Winter’s lecherous fingers are touching April. I want her to file a harassment suit. But she just cowers.”





Ode to Hot Rollers

Essay, July 2013.

“Girl, you a mess,” Sonja says.

The shocked waitress scrawls down our drink order and leaves.

I crack up. Boy, is she ever right.

“I know. The hair’s really getting to be a problem.”




Living La Vida Digita
Essay, 2011

We should have been on the broad and familiar Autostrada, but instead we were deep in the narrow back roads. The Italian countryside slid by, dark as an oil slick, with only the white flank of a cow surfacing occasionally by the window. At barely six that January morning, the GPS was insisting, my husband was calmly obeying, and the two of them were driving me crazy. True, being late for a plane makes me frantic, like I’m trying to catch the last flight out of Saigon. But everyone knows that to get to Fiumicino Airport outside of Rome, you take the highway.