Today is Thurby! The Start of “Horse Thanksgiving Weekend”

thurbyWhat’s Thurby?

The Thursday before the Kentucky Derby is called “Thurby,” and it’s known as the “local’s Derby day.” If you want to celebrate like a native, you don’t wait until Sunday. You start on Thurby.

Why the Derby is “Horse Thanksgiving”

Like Thanksgiving, the Derby is uniquely American— It just has a race instead of a parade and it stars equines instead of pilgrims and Native Americans.

The horse had an indispensable role in pioneering the continent (and in the development of all of Western Civilization).  Without him, it wouldn’t have happened. Whatever you may think of horse racing itself, the Derby helps us honor our hooved heroes.

So get out there and celebrate American horses, starting with Thurby.

Here’s a list of Thurby supplies

  1. A great hat
  2. Bourbon
  3. Bluegrass music
  4. Love for horses

I’ve got #4 already covered. A horse appears as a character in my novel. He’s a magnificent show animal that ends up as an ill-fated Central Park carriage horse.

 The horse bolted, barreling pell-mell around the park’s southeast pond, running, lurching and thrashing in his harness. They past Wolman rink, up the Mall, scattering park visitors. The equipage reached the precipitous staircase at Bethesda fountain. They thought they were going over, when Whitey swerved violently, tossing everyone overboard before disappearing into the wooded Ramble, carriage and all.

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