In Defense of Old White Men

I’m concerned about the post-election celebration regarding shifting demographics. We’re all cheering because a presidential contest was finally decided almost completely without Old White Men. I think it’s pretty clear that virtue does not adhere to any group based on gender, age or pantone shade. If you have doubts about that, just check with anyone […]


Rick Sanatorium

“I watched the debate last night, you know, the one with that awful fellow, Rick Sanatorium,” said my 91-year-old neighbor, Joan. “Santorum,” I corrected. “Anyway, I watched that Sanatorium for an hour and a half. It made me sick to my stomach. I also heard he‘s raping women with wands.” Joan is visually impaired. And […]

The Fraud Behind the American Dream

Say you’re out of work, as four million Americans now are, and you’re paying a $230,000 mortgage on a house that’s now worth $90,000. Is walking away from your mortgage justified, or even moral? In a movement reminiscent of Egyptian protestors, more and more Americans are deciding that it is— challenging the entrenched and powerful […]