Tipping Point

‘Tis the season for little envelopes stuffed with cash. The minute December hits, we who live in a city with lots of service providers start to fret about the holiday tips we must distribute. You’d think this question would get settled once and stick. But every year most Upper East Siders I know have the […]


Of Guilt and Cleaning Ladies

A Horrible Utterance Heard Recently on the Upper East Side: “I absolutely must have the floor cleaner by tomorrow. That’s when my cleaning lady comes. Yes, I’ll pay the ten-dollar delivery charge.” A Horrible-Utterance Analysis, in Ascending Order of Horror: The utterance occurred at the tony and over-priced Gracious Homes, or, in common parlance, Gracious […]

Horseback Riding Around NYC

Most Saturdays and Sundays, I leave the Upper East Side and travel about 20 miles north to Greenwich, CT to ride my horse, Hershey. Though many are unaware, a little known and uninterrupted network of historic horse trails stretches all the way from Bronxville up to Brewster. Traipsing these bridle paths through the NYC suburbs, […]

The End of Quiet

Is it just me, or has the UES been unusually dead this summer? We’re all used the place being a graveyard until Labor Day, but in 2011 it’s like we’ve surpassed tomb-dom and hit something deader. Like the innards of a full-on, sealed-up, pre-Schliemann crypt. It’s that same feeling of eerie stillness as when I’m […]

Intro to My Blog

I moved to the Upper East Side during my 2003 identity crisis. Since Beverley Hills 90210 formalized the idea that you are not only what you eat, you are what you zip, I thought returning to the site of my roots would be just the ticket to answer the question that inevitably strikes with divorce […]