NYC’s Worst 5 Places for Dawdling Offenders

I’m tired of feeling guilty about being an impatient New Yorker. In our Deepak-Chopra, slow-food-movement, yogafied world, rushing has gotten a bad rap. So, enough about the Power of Now. How about the Power of Get the Hell Out of the Way? Here are the five places where malingerers really need to pick up the […]


The Italian Method of Preserving Tax Revenue

Italians are brilliant. I’m not talking about daVinci and Michelangelo, here. I’m talking about modern-day Italians. Modern-day Italians in government. Modern-day Italians in the branch of the government devoted to tax collection. Now, I am aware the above statement tends to, shall we say, contradict current news-media coverage. But I have my own experience: Over […]

Horseback Riding Around NYC

Most Saturdays and Sundays, I leave the Upper East Side and travel about 20 miles north to Greenwich, CT to ride my horse, Hershey. Though many are unaware, a little known and uninterrupted network of historic horse trails stretches all the way from Bronxville up to Brewster. Traipsing these bridle paths through the NYC suburbs, […]

The End of Quiet

Is it just me, or has the UES been unusually dead this summer? We’re all used the place being a graveyard until Labor Day, but in 2011 it’s like we’ve surpassed tomb-dom and hit something deader. Like the innards of a full-on, sealed-up, pre-Schliemann crypt. It’s that same feeling of eerie stillness as when I’m […]