Women Changing Names, Part 1. Mad Woman

  Last fall, I wrote an angry blog about women taking their husband’s names. If you don’t believe me, I will provide the link at the very end. I was mad-mad-mad and itching for a fight. But, as any good shrink’ll tell you, anger is just the other side of hurt. So I didn’t post […]


A Cure for Facebook

Here’s the disease You do a quick morning check of Facebook. There’s a post about gun control.  You comment, “What she said!” You check back at lunch. There are 53 notifications. The gun feed has exploded, so to speak. It began as a civil debate. Now, people are ALL-CAPPING at one another. By 2 p.m. […]

In Defense of Old White Men

I’m concerned about the post-election celebration regarding shifting demographics. We’re all cheering because a presidential contest was finally decided almost completely without Old White Men. I think it’s pretty clear that virtue does not adhere to any group based on gender, age or pantone shade. If you have doubts about that, just check with anyone […]

Another Fuckin’ Wives’ Tale

The last two weekends at the barn have been blissfully quiet. (See previous blog post, An Old’ Fuckin’ Wives’ Tale) When I’ve arrived, Norah and her sister Madge have remained in the tack room, their sanctum sanctorum. The tack room has a fridge, a dusty old sofa, and a TV with cable. As I’ve tacked […]

Rick Sanatorium

“I watched the debate last night, you know, the one with that awful fellow, Rick Sanatorium,” said my 91-year-old neighbor, Joan. “Santorum,” I corrected. “Anyway, I watched that Sanatorium for an hour and a half. It made me sick to my stomach. I also heard he‘s raping women with wands.” Joan is visually impaired. And […]

The Italian Method of Preserving Tax Revenue

Italians are brilliant. I’m not talking about daVinci and Michelangelo, here. I’m talking about modern-day Italians. Modern-day Italians in government. Modern-day Italians in the branch of the government devoted to tax collection. Now, I am aware the above statement tends to, shall we say, contradict current news-media coverage. But I have my own experience: Over […]