“Fallout” in Central Park!!

warblerDon’t run for shelter. Bolt to Best Buy for binoculars.

Fallout, a bird watching term, is what happens when tired migratory birds drop in for a visit. Central Park is one of the top-10 bird watching places in the country.

Tom Fiore, a birder, writes today’s New York update on American Birding Association News. If you’ve never read the bird blogs (like I did to write my new novel), you’re in for a treat.

It Could Be a Twenty Warblers Day!

“Folks, at least modest fall-out of migrants, including a very wide diversity of warblers & other species, some more typical of May, has occurred in Manhattan’s Central Park (New York City).

It already has the makings of a ‘twenty-warblers’ day, if there are enough observers working thru the many birds in just Central Park alone.

Please remember, many of these birds are very hungry & tired, from a long long journey, & must feed & forage to maintain needed strength, do not stress them in any way (which includes any over-playing of their calls or songs in excess of a single time, to refresh memory or very quietly listen to confirm a song that is heard from the living birds). Thanks for being considerate & giving the birds the respect.”

So get out there and do your part to make it a twenty warblers day!


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