Article on Mom– We’re Live at Vox!!!



Dear Everyone Who Helped,

The photography project I executed with my mom is now live at Vox!!!

Thanks to you all for making this project a reality and a success.

First, thank you to my mom, Patsy Murray, for being such a spectacular sport. You didn’t even bat an eye at what must have seemed a very crazy idea.

Thanks to Dad for support in everything from logistics to wardrobe.

To my husband Chris Moschovitis for his unswerving encouragement of all my creative efforts. And also for coming up with the best idea of the dayРto have Mom recreate her Vogue cover.

Ahron R. Foster, photographer extraordinaire, literally stepped into the shoes of Diane Arbus and Irving Penn to recreate cultural icon images. Thank you to Terry Foster for having such a great son.

Michelle Capor, photography assistant; Hannah Faulkner, hair stylist; Danielle D’Amico, makeup artist; Gigi Hernandez, stylist— you all did amazing work to make me the image of my mother.

Beyond Costumes-Рyou folks were terrific and patient, looking at photos of Mom and pawing through racks of costumes to match them. Thank you!

Alexander Florals helped find a particular pink rose and delivered before dawn.

Atlantic Theater Company for providing space and hospitality.

And Natasha, seamstress at Perry Process cleaners, worked wonders with a vintage dress and made it fit a non-vintage person.


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