“Fallout” in Central Park!!

Don’t run for shelter. Bolt to Best Buy for binoculars. Fallout, a bird watching term, is what happens when tired migratory birds drop in for a visit. Central Park is one of the top-10 bird watching places in the country. Tom Fiore, a birder, writes today’s New York update on American Birding Association News. If you’ve […]


Article on Mom– We’re Live at Vox!!!

  Dear Everyone Who Helped, The photography project I executed with my mom is now live at Vox!!! Thanks to you all for making this project a reality and a success. First, thank you to my mom, Patsy Murray, for being such a spectacular sport. You didn’t even bat an eye at what must have […]


Anna’s Novel: St. Brigid’s Cloak

Dear Readers, Thank you for your interest in my novel! If you read my recent essay in Vox, you know the theme of mother-daughter relationships is one close to my heart. If you download the two sample chapters, you will meet Delia who’s trying to reclaim her lost fortune, and also her once-famous model mother. […]