Is There Nightlife on the Upper East Side?

Because I’ve been writing this blog about the Upper East Side, people have been asking me the question: Is there nightlife on the Upper East Side? Immediately I began to wonder if people are asking me this question because secretly they suspect there is no nightlife on the Upper East Side. On the other hand, […]


Horseback Riding Around NYC

Most Saturdays and Sundays, I leave the Upper East Side and travel about 20 miles north to Greenwich, CT to ride my horse, Hershey. Though many are unaware, a little known and uninterrupted network of historic horse trails stretches all the way from Bronxville up to Brewster. Traipsing these bridle paths through the NYC suburbs, […]

The End of Quiet

Is it just me, or has the UES been unusually dead this summer? We’re all used the place being a graveyard until Labor Day, but in 2011 it’s like we’ve surpassed tomb-dom and hit something deader. Like the innards of a full-on, sealed-up, pre-Schliemann crypt. It’s that same feeling of eerie stillness as when I’m […]